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As the production base of automobile aluminium plate in China, Kobelco Automotive Aluminum Rolled Products (China) Co.,Ltd obtained the business license in Tianjin in 2014 and started quantity production in 2016 after factory construction. Though a young company, we inherited the technology and specialized knowledge accumulated by our parent company, KOBELCO, and continually enriches them by high quality aluminium plate production and sale. We express our heartfelt thanks and good wishes for our customers.
Worldwide business environment is going through significant changes, reform is a noticeable trend to deal with climate change, CO2 emission reduction and carbon neutral. Because of emission reduction and NEVs extension in auto industry, we force the pace to meet the light weight challenge and greatly changes our industrial structure. Changing these social needs and industrial structure into business opportunities, we continues to solve these social problems by our aluminium plates.
KOBELCO’s goal is to create a safe, reliable and rich life, a world where people at present and in the future can realize their dreams and hopes through our business activities. It’s our pleasure to promote and popularize customers’ product aluminium plate to the world by raising questions faced by every business partner and providing corresponding solutions. In future, as every business partner’s strong back, we will unite as one to try to solve social problems.

Kobelco Automotive Aluminum Rolled Products (China) Co.,Ltd,
General Manager
Eishi Hagiwara