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Provide customers with high-performance and environmentally friendly materials

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About Us

KOBELCO - About Us

Kobelco Automotive Aluminum Rolled Products(China)Co.,Ltd

Kobelco Automotive Aluminum Rolled Products (China) Co.,Ltd, funded by Kobelco Group, is a wholly-owned subsidiary. As a member of Steel and Aluminium Department, we focuses on production and sale of (series 5000 and 6000) thin automobile aluminum alloy plate and strip. Motivated by the goal of shaping a sustainable world, we offer innovative solutions to global automobile manufacturers through cooperating with customers.


KOBELCO - Product Center

Due to such characteristics as low density, high specific strength and high recovery rate, aluminum, used as lightweight material, can improve oil automobile fuel economy and make electromobile battery life longer by lightening self-weight greatly.{{multiLang.act_detail}}


KOBELCO - Product Center

New material application is full of problems. To solve these problems and reduce customers’ use cost, Kobelco Group offers environmentally friendly and efficient solutions to the future connecting human and technology.{{multiLang.act_detail}}

  • Framework for Sustainability Management
    Promotion of Sustainability Management Based on the Group Corporate Philosophy

The KOBELCO Group promotes sustainability management based on the Group Corporate Philosophy by addressing key management issues that are classified into two categories: the business foundation area to support business activities and the value creation area to realize business growth.

We will pursue sustainable growth and the medium- to long-term enhancement of our corporate value to realize a world envisioned in KOBELCO’s View of the Future as we carry out KOBELCO’s Mission.

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